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Packing Insider

1. Pack small items in your sun hat. Hats are other items that, depending on the design, take up too much space. But if you fill the hat with soft items, such as underwear or socks, it will use more space, and the socks will protect its shape.

2. Purchase a small luggage scale. Nothing is worse than going to check a bag and tell you that it’s over the weight limit. Each pound that is over the limit can cost an excessive amount of money. Prevent this stressful fiasco by purchasing a small luggage scale.

Travel Insider

1. Get extra Wi-Fi time by rolling back your computer’s clock! If an airport gives you an hour of Wi-Fi, make two hours out of it by rolling back the system clock before the first hour is up.

2. At the security checkpoint, go to the lines on the left. Studies have shown that people naturally veer right, so when you reach a security checkpoint, head to the line furthest to the left, and you might save a few minutes waiting in line.

Transportation Insider

1. To save more on transportation, opt for a hotel chain that offers a FREE shuttle service from the airport to the resort. You can ask your agent about this service during your next booking.

2. Using public transport can save you so much money though! I’d always recommend you do your research on your next destination’s layout and public transport network, so you know how to get to where you need to be without having to spend all your money on taxis.

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